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Mobile kitchen trailers Limpopo is leading supplier mobile food trailers for sale Limpopo, custom built mobile food caravans, Fast food mobile trailers Limpopo, commercial mobile food units, Mobile Freezers Gauteng and VIP mobile Toilets Limpopo. We deliver a premium end-to-end solution with focus on providing superior customer service,  thus building our reputation on innovation, quality, strength and reliability.

We are leading mobile food trailers manufacturer in Limpopo, all types, shapes and forms of mobile kitchen trailers Limpopo we offer a high-end bespoke service that allows your business to have a customisable mobile food solution to suit your specific business requirements. Our custom mobile kitchen designs allow you to choose a trailer that is as big or as small as your business needs, as well as pick from our large range of equipment and specifications. Adding a vehicle wrap acts as a mobile billboard, allowing your brand to stand out in the crowd.

Mobile Kitchen Trailers South Africa

Our team of industry experts ensures smooth transition through all aspects of design and construction to a comprehensive hand-over of your turnkey solution. Valuing quality, our customers are guaranteed a heavy-duty, quality professional finish.

All of our Mobile kitchen trailers trailers Limpopo, mobile food trailers, mobile freezer trailers, mobile VIP toilets including the standard box trailers, are fully welded from end to end. Safety is a crucial area that Mobile kitchen trailers Limpopo values. Therefore, safety chains are included with every trailer we sell. LED lights and reflector bands are also pre-installed for the safety of other road users. Such qualities also add value to our products for an exceptional value for money.

Just check inside Mobile kitchen trailers Limpopo

Mobile kitchen Trailers Gauteng

• 2 Self Built Gas stove
• 2 Chip Fryers
• 2 Water Dispensers
• 2 Chaffing Dishes
• Spice Rack
• Single Braai Griller
• 3 Air Vents (For Ventilation)
• Space For a Bar / Up Right Fridge
• Big Single Sink With Dry Space
• Aluminum Work Surface
• Gas Bottle Cage Holder (Lockable)
• Big Serving Hatch (Lockable)
• Coupler (Lockable)
• Galvanized Flooring
• 2 Stabilizing Legs
• Jockey Wheel + Clamp
• Registration papers and road worthy certificate

Here are just some of the things our mobile food trailers have been used for:

Mobile Kitchen trailers Pretoria
  • Cake sales Cup cake sales Hot dogsCoffee and cakes Mobile industrial style take away To cater for workersTo feed underprivileged people To cater at sports eventsGreek foodFish and chips PizzaIce cream Burgers Italian food Cherios Mexican foodSouth American foodLoaded friesBaked potatoes

Why Mobile Kitchen Trailers Pretoria?

Lower initial investment and operating costs

With relatively , starting a food mobile kitchen trailer cheaper and faster than opening a restaurant. The smaller expenses of a mobile food business make it a great avenue for first-time entrepreneurs to enter the food industry. Mobile Kitchen trailers Johannesburg can also become a complimentary addition to established businesses like catering companies wanting to increase revenue or expand their market without the need for drastic changes on operations.

Dynamic working environment

The dynamic of the food trailers business is makes it great for people who enjoy bustling working environments. In peak hours, working in a food truck is rarely boring because service is faster and more intimate as you develop rapport to customers when they become regulars.


Mobile Kitchen trailers Limpopo are designated with a clean zone for food preparation and serving.


One of the best things about mobile kitchen trailers — for owners and customers — is the fact that they are mobile. On the owner’s side, you can make sure people see your business all over town by doing one simple thing — traveling all over town. The more someone sees your food truck, the more they are going to become familiar with it (advertising at its finest).

Special Events/Catering

In addition, the ability to participate on events like concerts or festivals can be very profitable to mobile food businesses, a revenue stream that is not available to restaurants.

We also install carports and shadeports including all steel structures